Monday, July 22, 2013

Edith Is Very Crafty

Edith recently joined CGOA and is very interested in participating in the Master Crocheter program. She just recently started coming to 3RC at Panera's.
She brought great thread projects for us to see. I'm so jealous that she is so good at the bullion stitch! From what I saw she'll have no problem getting a Master Crocheter certificate.
She also tats and does quilting. At her last meeting, she brought in a quilted turtle she had made for her grandson. Karen on the left helped her display the quilt. Edith, on the right, looks proud of her work and she should be. Oh, to be so crafty.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Popular Stitch

Some stitch patterns seem to come up again and again. This particular stitch seems to have several names: diagonal stitch, crosshatch stitch, and a few more I can't remember. Different people have learned to start the pattern different ways, too. Some start working horizontally and others start in the corner. Starting straight seems to allow for adding a border to the fabric center square, while working from the corner makes its own edging. 
At one of the meetings I looked around and found three members all doing the same thing! On the left is Mary with the rose afghan and the edging showing. Then Chris showing off a softer color. Then Ethlyn with the lightest color. Ethlyn just started crocheting and she produced an afghan just as great looking as the experienced crocheters. 
I personally find this stitch pattern fantastic for variegated yarns. Because the stitches slant in two directions, the pattern seems to resolve any problems with pooling or lightening strikes. Having this stitch pattern in your repertoire seems to guarantee success. I've seen beautiful jackets by Margaret Huber and Dora Ohrenstein using this stitch pattern.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Aunt Lorraine's Hat

Pat's sister and Randy's aunt lives in Florida. However, she is in assisted living and has been feeling cold and in need of a hat. If you are in Florida in the summer, a warm hat is hard to find.

Randy made this hat for her Aunt Lorraine. The yarn is Chunky Mochi and this colorway seems perfect  for summer in Florida. The design is called Chunky Mochi Dragon Rib Hat by Laura Andersson.

This is Randy's first hat. She keeps expanding her knitting skills and said it was tricky when she got to the top. She always sends important info with her pics, so that someone can track down what they need to make something they saw here. Thanks, Randy.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Panels for KtB (Knit the Bridge) were due in by June 1st and these were turned in on time. The panel has squares made by different people. Barb B came to the group special so she could turn in her square. After I put all the squares together in the panel, I added 4" by  crocheting 2" rows on each short end. I knew that the squares came out short on length, but the instructions never said what to do about that. However, it was mentioned that the short length was a problem in one of the KtB emails. So this panel was all right; but most likely someone had to add some length to our other panels. This means that 3RC as a group effort turned in 3 panels.
But Chris A managed to do 3 panels all on her own. This was her final effort, which you can see has been meticulously planned. I like that she'll be able to spot it easily on the Warhol Bridge.
That's the bridge that was finally settled on. It will be covered from early August through early September. More funds are needed and can be donated at Indiegogo.
The railings of the bridge are all going to be covered in black strips. Karen C has made 3 of them and Peggy D one. I'm also finishing up one. I can't get over how absolutely boring it is to crochet a strip 9" wide and 105" long in black.
While other bridges have been covered this is the biggest bridge to be covered so far and should set a world record. Makes sense for the City of Bridges.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Carol and D.O.G.

Carol surprised me one day by sending me an email that said"I crocheted a sweater!" I was very excited to see the sweater because I had been encouraging her to branch out since she was showing off all these crocheting skills. What a surprise! A pet sweater! A red sweater on a black cat no less. We shared a chuckle over her pulling this joke on me.
But D.O.G. needed the sweater because she was becoming more frail. In order to keep warm she was hanging out in front of the kitchen refrigerator for the warmth that was flowing out. Carol decided to expand D.O.G. 's wardrobe and made her the sports sweater that everyone in Pittsburgh recognizes as the team colors for everything. (If you are a yarn enthusiast anywhere around Pittsburgh you have yellow and black in your stash.)
D.O.G. was a sweet, loving cat that adored cuddling with Carol. Carol had nursed D.O.G. through several illnesses, but she knew her feline friend just wasn't coming back to health this time. Recently, D.O.G. died and Carol sent her friends a note telling of her loss and how much affection this cat had brought into her life.
My thought was that crochet had allowed Carol to give comfort to D.O.G. when that was all she could do.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Amanda Finishing Up

Amanda decided to finish a tam she started last year or was it a year since she had worked on it? A familiar story to me anyway. It was crocheted in a Malabrigo yarn. Post stitches help create the design.

She was obviously then working on putting together the squares for a panel for the KtB. The last picture shows all the squares together but alas, she still has to weave in all the ends!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carol's Latest

Carol is passionate about making blankets for Linus project. She loves making ones for the smallest of those in need. Do you think it would be hard to make many small blankets without getting bored? Carol tries out new stitches and is becoming quite knowledgeable about edgings and embellishments. Carol packs a lot of variety into those small items.
Carol gave a heart shape she was trying out to a friend with a new sweetheart for Valentine's Day. The sweetheart liked it so much, she is requesting more. So Carol is continuing to support her friend's new romance by making more. A sweet story.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival

Every year quite a few members of 3RC enjoying offerings at the Pittsburgh knit and Crochet Festival. So these seemingly unrelated photos are connected by the activities at the festival.

Rebecca whipped up some darling "slugs" from a pattern she purchased at the festival. She was very busy at Robyn Chachula's booth and didn't take a class. Someone kindly picked up one of the kits   being sold at Robyn's booth for me. But I haven't had time to make the cowl yet.

Chris A made a set of yarn "rubber" duckies from a class. I can tell they are rubber duckies because they have no feet. She also took a free class in weaving. She turned the woven fabric into a pouch for game pieces used in role playing games. Then she showed off one of her panels for KtB and ended up in their newsletter.

Doug took a class in dyeing yarn. My camera is showing the colors a little brighter than they actually are. Doug has put a series of photos from the class on his Ravelry site.
He is also showing off bandoliers for crocheting. The darker strap was made with a double sided hook and short rows. It made a very neat fabric that's difficult to see in this picture. The other strap holds all the tools needed to crochet a project. He was certainly ready for the weekend.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Take a Chance

Whenever you get the chance, take a chance! Every spring I love to go to the Three Rivers Quilters show that's now on the Southside. I am always amazed at the beautiful quilts. I walk around with my mouth hanging open; not attractive, but each year I can't believe what the quilters have accomplished.

Every year I also buy chances to win the quilt on the wall. I don't care what the quilt looks like. I would just count myself lucky to own such a wonderful piece of fabric artistry. I'm also thinking that I really want to support this fabulous group.

While at the latest 3RC meeting, my husband called to tell me I had won this year's quilt. Since the quilt was not far away, I ran over to pick it up. (Took Theresa with me, in case my excitement overwhelmed me.) We brought it back to the group, but since it was king size we really couldn't open it up very wide.         So I promised to put up a picture.

This is the quilt on the king size bed. It has a label sewn in that says it is the Three Rivers Quilters 2013 Raffle Quilt. The theme is Tessellations designed and made by Julie Lesko and Joy Gallick. The quilting was done by Kathie Hudak. The person who cuddles under it is me.

Remember, you really ought to take a chance!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Grandchild

There was a recent entry for Shelli's granddaughter, who has now arrived to wear the nice things grandma Shelli made for her.

Now Amanda is waiting for her precious one to arrive (any second). She also has made great items for her grandson. She knitted the beautiful baby afghan in purple because that is her daughter's favorite color. Then she crocheted the darling hoodie.

Shellie and Amanda were (are) sorority sisters at Pitt. It is so cool that their grandchildren are being born just weeks apart. It's also cool that they are yarn enthusiasts who can make such darling items for their "new kids".

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gung Ho for KtB

Our previous panels for Knit the Bridge have been collaboratively worked on by various people. I have a panel right now that needs one more square.
But Chris A is really into making panels and finds yarn bombing a bridge a great idea. So she made 2 just by herself.
The deadline of April 1 is drawing close.
The latest news is that the railings will also be covered in black yarn to set off the panels. Black acrylic done in dc, stockinette, or even knitting machines. The sizes are 9" x 105" and 15" x 80". I don't know if there's a deadline for the railing covers, since we are just being told about them. KtB pushes forward!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Wedding Afghan

I've been working for awhile on an afghan for a family member. Because it is made in panels, I was able to bring some of the panels to the group and work on them. If I had to work on it all in one piece, it would quickly have become too heavy to be portable.
The pattern was called a Celtic Afghan and was published in Crochet Fantasy, a victim of hurricane Katrina. It called for Paton's Decor but I used TLC Essentials in Aran for all the panels, instead of contrasting neutral shades. I put all the panels together with a slip stitch; then made the border a little wider by adding a row of dc. The afghan is over 60" long and 45" wide. It turned out to be a really nice wedding gift.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Afghan Worth Waiting For

Carole used to come to 3RC rather regularly a couple of years ago, as did her daughter Amanda. Like all lives, things and patterns change and we hadn't seen them for awhile but they kept in touch.
Carole recently started back more or less regularly and introduced us to her friend Sonja. What she also brought with her was this finished afghan. I do remember her working on it at the very beginning. It was just wonderful to see it finished.
The top picture shows the back. It is absolutely serendipitous when a design is attractive on both sides. Of course, the front side is stunning. Then we just had to have Carole photographed with her fantastic afghan.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shelli's First Grandchild

The baby will be arriving soon and Shelli is ready with a layette. The booties look rather traditional but I love the curls on the top of the hat! Does pink give you hint what they are expecting?

Shelli is really becoming a pro on this sweater design. It called for crocheted ties but Shell thought that buttons would be better. So after knitting the sweater she put on crocheted loops and little buttons. Looks great and what fun! Shelli "changed" a pattern. Some of us are notorious for not keeping to the pattern but up until now Shell hasn't been that confident. I think the curls on the cap were her idea, too.

I said it was wonderful that she was bistitchual. We cleared up what that meant.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Little About Me

Last year I was lucky enough to get an afghan design (called Mission Cable)  in Unexpected Afghans. The pattern needed a little clarification and I did put up info on Ravelry through the Three Rivers Crochet group.
Then a very talented person contacted me and I went looking for what must have been misleading her. I found where there was another problem and contacted her AND put that info on Ravelry, too. Then  she sent me photos and gave away the afghan as a holiday present. The photos show she used a different color yarn but I think she did a fantastic job. Can't tell you how thrilled I am that someone liked my design.
The sweater was a redo of a sweater that I made for the holiday sales in a different size. A little more $$ for Rwanda Knits.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


2 panels have now been submitted to Knit the Bridge and there will be enough squares made by Saturday to assemble another. One panel was held up by 2 people. The second was just spread out on a table. 
More info to come.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mary's Many Blankets

Mary is one of the fastest crocheters I've met. She makes blankets for charity and I think is never without a project. 
The sherbet colored blanket has been spread out on a bench at Panera. Mary is holding her recent blue one. The blue one is that diagonal stitch and I am always impressed with how great that pattern always looks. Mary also has such even tension that some of her blankets look like they were machine made.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Carol Mentors and Adjusts Midstream

Carol always works hard at promoting crochet and is always telling everyone how rewarding crochet is for her. Talking to her trainer, Carol learned that the trainer's teen daughter was interested in learning. So Allie showed up for several weeks and took off as only the young can. She's seen here working on her first "granny" square and is now flying solo. Good luck with all your projects, Allie!

Carol has never made a garment and has always designed her own projects. She felt she might tackle a shrug since it's basically a rectangle. BUT when she went to try it out, it just wasn't fitting properly. So she turned it into a unique baby blanket. Linus Project always benefits from our brainstorms.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Take a Look at This!

Believe it or not! These are Hats!
Chris A designed and made these hats to be worn at a comicon. Chris is at her best when she is thinking up designs but she never writes out instructions. Please, don't ask for any. I find these hysterically funny and outrageously good designs. I'm a bit jealous because I'm never able to execute facial designs very well.
Maybe I will find it hard to enjoy corn on the cob ever again! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Karen Made

Jeannie really likes the things that Karen can make. Jeannie describes what she would like and then Karen makes it. Sometimes Karen makes her own design or searches until she finds the right pattern. I don't think that's an easy thing to do: meeting a person's request and actually having them pleased.

But as you can see here Jeannie seems quite pleased with her poncho and her hat. I really liked both designs and the yarn Karen chose to make them.

Jeannie shows up at our holiday charity sale and always seem to find something she likes. We really appreciate Jeannie's support!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Local Linus Project

The Linus Project is alive and well in Southwestern Pa. There is a project office in Caste Village and there are times when items can be dropped off or materials are available to work on making blankets. Many different sizes can be donated for many needy situations.

Carol took pictures at one of the gatherings where people were learning the latest news, turning in items and working on items.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yarn Enthusiasts Are Everywhere

In an interesting aside, occasionally people send me photos of where they discovered someone knitting, crocheting or yarn bombing.
This summer Randy found this artwork at the Prado in Spain.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

3RC Hasn't Disappeared

I know it has been a long time without an entry. That was due to my being so busy with other  things not to mention the holidays.
Just one of the things I was doing was making a tunic for Robyn Chachula. Another great design and I don't even know where it will show up! But here is a sneak peek.

In the midst of the Holiday Yarn Sales we had the annual Yarn Ball. We get together and wear the latest items we've made, purchased, or still love. Becky and Jonathon threw a great party and we are all so so grateful for their holiday generosity. See the Yarn Ball Album for 2012.