Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diane's Latest

I started working on this topper in early May, so I could wear it for the summer. I finished it on Labor Day! I am so easily distracted: with every summer issue of any crochet magazine I found inspiration for items for the Holiday Sale (Dec 1- Dec 9).  But when summer was soon passing, I went back to my project.
I purchased the yarn and pattern through Annette Petavey's website. She is based in France. The yarn is laceweight linen and the design is by Helene Marcy. I am always impressed by the prices and how quickly I receive my order. I did alter the pattern though, since I prefer longer sleeves.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Theresa at Stitches

Theresa has been working for over a year on a shawl of her own design. It is an homage to  those teachers who taught her in lace classes. I know that Orenburg and beading on lace are, at least, two of the classes represented.
The picture showing the entire shawl has two people holding it up; so you can see how large it is. It's not quite finished since it needs an edging pattern.
Theresa also knitted the dress and wore it at stitches. Theresa followed the basic design but as usual reinterpreted the neckline and sleeves. Several times! She's behind the dress.
At stitches she won the Designer's Choice Award and the CEO said that he would like to arrange an interview for Knitter's magazine.
So Theresa had a very eventful Stitches trip.
The hat worn by Chris was designed and knitted by Theresa, too. She knit it for Chris to wear at a Star Wars con. I believe the hat is about Boba Fett and there are two other graphed designs on the hat. Chris made a contribution to the VA here in Pittsburgh in payment for the hat.