Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We're back!

We had a special mid-week meeting of the crochet group where Rebecca's cousin, Robyn, visited from Cincinnati. Some of us had met her before at the Crochet Guild of America national conference last July. She's been crocheting up a storm since even before then, publishing a number of designs in magazines and books for Crochet Today! and Interweave Press. (Check out her blog at She brought us yarn gifts -a whole big bag of cool new yarns- from her recent trip to TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) convention, a trade show for companies specializing in needle arts products. Thanks, Robyn! By the way, that little granny square swatch you made and left attached to one of your yarn gifts... consider it your contribution to our group project. Again, Thanks, Robyn!

In other progress, Becky brought the little sweater she finished.

She is going to donate the needles as well to make it look like a WIP - work in progress!

The stitch pattern was interesting to watch develop and Becky said it was a lot of fun! It is created by setting up a rib pattern with a yarn over, then on subsequent rows, continuing in rib until the row where you purposely drop a stitch. The dropped stitch runs down to the yarn over, creating a little oval gap between the rib stitches.

Awesome, Becky!

Stay tuned for more!