Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hiya all! Scifi Chris posting again for 3RC. Since everything I'd planned to do this weekend was canceled because of the weather, I did the only reasonable thing. Stayed home and crocheted.
I'd been wanting to try out Red Heart's new Reflective yarn. Combine that with the "Have a Heart for Animals" collection for the Butler County Humane Society's fundraiser, and it resulted in the following project. Since winter days have such short amounts of daylight, I figured a dog coat with reflective stripes would be a good idea. It would keep the dog warm and help drivers see the dog during dark, cold winter evening walks. I used a pattern from Ravelry, created by L-squared. The multicolored yarn is two strands crocheted together of Red Heart Super Saver "Fall" (two skeins) and the stripes are Red Heart Reflective "Olive" (one skein). I used a size M hook. The left over yarn I'm going to make into a matching hat for the dog's human. In the photos, since I don't actually have a dog, a pillow has been used as the model.
Here’s the Facebook link for the “Have a Heart for Animals coats and toys collection” page, which is being sponsored by Darn Yarn and Thread shop, to benefit the Butler County Humane Society:!/events/564787843608069/
Here’s the link for the pattern I used:
Here’s some photos of the dog sweater I made:


Friday, January 17, 2014

Hiya all!  Scifi Chris with another 3RC blog post.

Karen, Rebecca, and Amelia are long term members of Three Rivers Crochet.  Little Amelia has literally been coming to 3RC meetings her entire life.  While mom Rebecca crochets, Amelia colors, plays with her stuffed animals, and visits with the other folks of 3RC.

Karen and Rebecca discovered that many small, independent fiber farmers were having problems finding a way to get the fiber they were producing to the folks who would want to use it to crochet, knit, and felt.  They got together and came up with a solution:  a company designed to help these small  farms distribute their yarn and roving.  Amelia and Wiggles was created!  The name comes from Rebecca’s little one Amelia, and Wiggles, Karen’s ‘baby’ dog. 

Amelia and Wiggles (the yarn company, not the girl and dog) have started making appearances at various craft shows.  You can also get awesome yarn and roving at their website:   
Remember, all the yarn and roving comes from family farms and is processed at family owned mini-mills.  It’s a great way to support local, small businesses. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Three Rivers Crochet gathers almost every Saturday at the Panera's Bread near Magee Women's Hospital. Meetings run from 2pm to 5pm, but its very informal. Folks show up just about any time inbetween. We crochet, knit, and socialize. All skill levels are welcome. One of the nice things about the group is that there is always someone willing to help out when it comes to learning a new technique. Its also fun to show off completed projects and see what everyone else is working on.

Here's some pics of a 3RC meeting.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hiya all!  Scifi Chris with an addition to the post about 3RC's annual charity sale. 

Ever wonder what happens to the stuff that doesn't sell?  Folks that donated the items are given an opportunity to reclaim their items.  Some items are put aside to be put back on sale, next year.  The rest are donated to various charities.  This year, several of the unsold hats and scarves were donated to the homeless, through the GLCC.  With temperatures dropping quickly to below zero, those warm hats and scarves will be put to good use.

Here's some photos of the hats and scarves that were donated.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Newest blogger for 3RC

Hello all!  This is SciFi Chris, making my first post as a blogger for Three Rivers Crochet.  At least I'm hoping that all goes correctly and this post appears. 

Once again, folks in 3RC worked hard all year making items for the annual charity sale, which benefits the VA and Rwanda Knits.  Unlike previous years, where the sale lasted for a week, this year's sale was only three days.  Despite the shorter sale, we were able to raise a nice amount for both charities.  Between the sale itself, commissions before the sale, and post-sale sales, the totals are Rwanda Knits $1387.50 and the VA $1271.

A huge thank you to all those who made items for the sales, sold items, and bought items!