Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project Roundup

Everyone was very busy as you can see. Becky is working on her own design that was inspired by a sweater she already owns. She's using yarn from free cycle. The yarn came without wrappers, so she has no info about the yarn. Yet the project is a great combo of the design and yarn. Can't wait till this one's finished.

Randy has a finished project. Her first sweater! She found a group in Seattle to join, too. The sweater will go to Pat (her mom) because it fits her better. Then Randy will start a second sweater. Fantastic first! We should all have our first attempts turn out so well.

Peggy is showing off a premie hat and the beginning of something else. While Maureen is working on a circular afghan. Karen is behind the shawl in progress. It's difficult to see the yarns: they are recycled silk from saris in India. I don't think any picture is going to do it justice.
Finally we have Chris's sox. She is elated at the final product because she just didn't think crocheted sox would turn out well. But again, another first that is just perfect. We may all start greeting everyone with, "Hi, look at my sox!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WWKIP Day 2010

Fun was had by all! at Schenley Plaza this past Saturday. Rebecca and I got all the paper work, advertised where we could, and even came up with a free raffle for the free event. We'd both gathered up many different and unusual yarns and some kits for the raffle. We were having so much fun picking items when our numbers were called that a group of children wondered if they could play, too.

Hope our new acquaintances Maureen, Faith, and Elizabeth enjoyed themselves, too. This group plays well together!