Friday, March 29, 2013

Amanda Finishing Up

Amanda decided to finish a tam she started last year or was it a year since she had worked on it? A familiar story to me anyway. It was crocheted in a Malabrigo yarn. Post stitches help create the design.

She was obviously then working on putting together the squares for a panel for the KtB. The last picture shows all the squares together but alas, she still has to weave in all the ends!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carol's Latest

Carol is passionate about making blankets for Linus project. She loves making ones for the smallest of those in need. Do you think it would be hard to make many small blankets without getting bored? Carol tries out new stitches and is becoming quite knowledgeable about edgings and embellishments. Carol packs a lot of variety into those small items.
Carol gave a heart shape she was trying out to a friend with a new sweetheart for Valentine's Day. The sweetheart liked it so much, she is requesting more. So Carol is continuing to support her friend's new romance by making more. A sweet story.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival

Every year quite a few members of 3RC enjoying offerings at the Pittsburgh knit and Crochet Festival. So these seemingly unrelated photos are connected by the activities at the festival.

Rebecca whipped up some darling "slugs" from a pattern she purchased at the festival. She was very busy at Robyn Chachula's booth and didn't take a class. Someone kindly picked up one of the kits   being sold at Robyn's booth for me. But I haven't had time to make the cowl yet.

Chris A made a set of yarn "rubber" duckies from a class. I can tell they are rubber duckies because they have no feet. She also took a free class in weaving. She turned the woven fabric into a pouch for game pieces used in role playing games. Then she showed off one of her panels for KtB and ended up in their newsletter.

Doug took a class in dyeing yarn. My camera is showing the colors a little brighter than they actually are. Doug has put a series of photos from the class on his Ravelry site.
He is also showing off bandoliers for crocheting. The darker strap was made with a double sided hook and short rows. It made a very neat fabric that's difficult to see in this picture. The other strap holds all the tools needed to crochet a project. He was certainly ready for the weekend.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Take a Chance

Whenever you get the chance, take a chance! Every spring I love to go to the Three Rivers Quilters show that's now on the Southside. I am always amazed at the beautiful quilts. I walk around with my mouth hanging open; not attractive, but each year I can't believe what the quilters have accomplished.

Every year I also buy chances to win the quilt on the wall. I don't care what the quilt looks like. I would just count myself lucky to own such a wonderful piece of fabric artistry. I'm also thinking that I really want to support this fabulous group.

While at the latest 3RC meeting, my husband called to tell me I had won this year's quilt. Since the quilt was not far away, I ran over to pick it up. (Took Theresa with me, in case my excitement overwhelmed me.) We brought it back to the group, but since it was king size we really couldn't open it up very wide.         So I promised to put up a picture.

This is the quilt on the king size bed. It has a label sewn in that says it is the Three Rivers Quilters 2013 Raffle Quilt. The theme is Tessellations designed and made by Julie Lesko and Joy Gallick. The quilting was done by Kathie Hudak. The person who cuddles under it is me.

Remember, you really ought to take a chance!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Grandchild

There was a recent entry for Shelli's granddaughter, who has now arrived to wear the nice things grandma Shelli made for her.

Now Amanda is waiting for her precious one to arrive (any second). She also has made great items for her grandson. She knitted the beautiful baby afghan in purple because that is her daughter's favorite color. Then she crocheted the darling hoodie.

Shellie and Amanda were (are) sorority sisters at Pitt. It is so cool that their grandchildren are being born just weeks apart. It's also cool that they are yarn enthusiasts who can make such darling items for their "new kids".

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gung Ho for KtB

Our previous panels for Knit the Bridge have been collaboratively worked on by various people. I have a panel right now that needs one more square.
But Chris A is really into making panels and finds yarn bombing a bridge a great idea. So she made 2 just by herself.
The deadline of April 1 is drawing close.
The latest news is that the railings will also be covered in black yarn to set off the panels. Black acrylic done in dc, stockinette, or even knitting machines. The sizes are 9" x 105" and 15" x 80". I don't know if there's a deadline for the railing covers, since we are just being told about them. KtB pushes forward!