Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival

Every year quite a few members of 3RC enjoying offerings at the Pittsburgh knit and Crochet Festival. So these seemingly unrelated photos are connected by the activities at the festival.

Rebecca whipped up some darling "slugs" from a pattern she purchased at the festival. She was very busy at Robyn Chachula's booth and didn't take a class. Someone kindly picked up one of the kits   being sold at Robyn's booth for me. But I haven't had time to make the cowl yet.

Chris A made a set of yarn "rubber" duckies from a class. I can tell they are rubber duckies because they have no feet. She also took a free class in weaving. She turned the woven fabric into a pouch for game pieces used in role playing games. Then she showed off one of her panels for KtB and ended up in their newsletter.

Doug took a class in dyeing yarn. My camera is showing the colors a little brighter than they actually are. Doug has put a series of photos from the class on his Ravelry site.
He is also showing off bandoliers for crocheting. The darker strap was made with a double sided hook and short rows. It made a very neat fabric that's difficult to see in this picture. The other strap holds all the tools needed to crochet a project. He was certainly ready for the weekend.  

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