Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Latest Scarves

These 4 are the latest scarves to be turned in. Isn't it amazing the different looks that can be accomplished with shell stitches?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Special Olympics Scarves

Yes, the blog is still continuing. I'm just managing to have a very lazy summer. I suspect so is the rest of the group, since only a few FO's (finished objects) have surfaced. But we are running our Special Olympic Scarf Project up to Labor Day. These are the latest contributions. All crocheted and very different.
A follower has asked about the patterns for the previous scarves. 2 scarves came from the official website for the project, the colors reversed. Other than that, everyone went off on their own, which makes seeing each scarf a special treat. Other than the colors and size, the scarves are each unique. The website offered a hang tag which we are each filling in and attaching to our scarves. Please remember the official deadline to get in the scarves is February 1st. Ours will be sent in sooner than that.