Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gift Sales: Totes & Purses

From the smallest to the largest this grouping does it all: from tiny keepsake pouches to large size totes and everything in between.

We had a large infusion of wool yarn this year and had a wonderful time felting all types of items.

The small pouches for electronic items are being packaged in sets.

And nothing's better than a kiwi purse!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Gift Sales: Hats

We have some great hats this year and we really tried to make different sizes. The blue set is heavily cabled and there are several broomstick hats.

Holiday Gift Sales?? Where? When?

It occurred to me that I might not have given out all the information you might want to get to the Holiday Gift Sales.

We are at the Wilkins School Community Center (wsccpgh.org) in Regent Square.
The address for your GPS is:
7604 Charleston St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

The center is one block off Exit 77 (Swissvale/Edgewood) of 376 East (the exit right before/right after the Squirrel Hill tunnels). From the east turn right on South Braddock Ave. Coming from the west keep choosing the left lane: you will be heading up the hill on South Braddock Ave.

Since Charleston is one way, go up to the next corner (Sanders) and turn left; then turn left again (Milton) and arrive at Charleston. Parking is on street.

Dates are: Dec. 3- Dec 11

Sat & Sun 10-5
Weekdays 12-8

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Gift Sales: Throws

This year we have a big choice of afghans, they come in different sizes and different colors. I thought my camera was off when it came to the colors and you really need to see the true colors to tell if an afghan is for you.

The Steeler Helmet afghan is exceptionally long. Perfect for a single bed or that tall person who can't find an afghan to cover him/her. We'll be selling raffle tickets for this one. So don't forget to purchase a few when you stop by to shop.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Sales: Scarves

You can see that we continue the theme of variety. There are many really warm scarves but there are also what I consider to be "decorative" scarves that are worn to finish off an outfit: tossed around the neck instead of jewelry. Most are in the $20 range except for the beautiful gray mohair lace that is $25. Sets are also a little more. There's one neck warmer in broomstick lace. The newest items are the ruffle scarves. Cha, cha, cha!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Sales: Shawls

As you can see the range of styles and colors and types of shawls is rather extensive. All are priced at $25. A price well below what might be expected for hand crocheted or hand knitted items. In some cases you are probably below the cost of the yarn. Most of the colors from my camera are fairly accurate; however, I think in reality the colors are much richer. The one that is totally gray looking is actually black.