Thursday, January 31, 2013


2 panels have now been submitted to Knit the Bridge and there will be enough squares made by Saturday to assemble another. One panel was held up by 2 people. The second was just spread out on a table. 
More info to come.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mary's Many Blankets

Mary is one of the fastest crocheters I've met. She makes blankets for charity and I think is never without a project. 
The sherbet colored blanket has been spread out on a bench at Panera. Mary is holding her recent blue one. The blue one is that diagonal stitch and I am always impressed with how great that pattern always looks. Mary also has such even tension that some of her blankets look like they were machine made.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Carol Mentors and Adjusts Midstream

Carol always works hard at promoting crochet and is always telling everyone how rewarding crochet is for her. Talking to her trainer, Carol learned that the trainer's teen daughter was interested in learning. So Allie showed up for several weeks and took off as only the young can. She's seen here working on her first "granny" square and is now flying solo. Good luck with all your projects, Allie!

Carol has never made a garment and has always designed her own projects. She felt she might tackle a shrug since it's basically a rectangle. BUT when she went to try it out, it just wasn't fitting properly. So she turned it into a unique baby blanket. Linus Project always benefits from our brainstorms.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Take a Look at This!

Believe it or not! These are Hats!
Chris A designed and made these hats to be worn at a comicon. Chris is at her best when she is thinking up designs but she never writes out instructions. Please, don't ask for any. I find these hysterically funny and outrageously good designs. I'm a bit jealous because I'm never able to execute facial designs very well.
Maybe I will find it hard to enjoy corn on the cob ever again! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Karen Made

Jeannie really likes the things that Karen can make. Jeannie describes what she would like and then Karen makes it. Sometimes Karen makes her own design or searches until she finds the right pattern. I don't think that's an easy thing to do: meeting a person's request and actually having them pleased.

But as you can see here Jeannie seems quite pleased with her poncho and her hat. I really liked both designs and the yarn Karen chose to make them.

Jeannie shows up at our holiday charity sale and always seem to find something she likes. We really appreciate Jeannie's support!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Local Linus Project

The Linus Project is alive and well in Southwestern Pa. There is a project office in Caste Village and there are times when items can be dropped off or materials are available to work on making blankets. Many different sizes can be donated for many needy situations.

Carol took pictures at one of the gatherings where people were learning the latest news, turning in items and working on items.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yarn Enthusiasts Are Everywhere

In an interesting aside, occasionally people send me photos of where they discovered someone knitting, crocheting or yarn bombing.
This summer Randy found this artwork at the Prado in Spain.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

3RC Hasn't Disappeared

I know it has been a long time without an entry. That was due to my being so busy with other  things not to mention the holidays.
Just one of the things I was doing was making a tunic for Robyn Chachula. Another great design and I don't even know where it will show up! But here is a sneak peek.

In the midst of the Holiday Yarn Sales we had the annual Yarn Ball. We get together and wear the latest items we've made, purchased, or still love. Becky and Jonathon threw a great party and we are all so so grateful for their holiday generosity. See the Yarn Ball Album for 2012.