Thursday, June 25, 2009


Theresa "finally" finished the purple sweater. Quite awhile back, Theresa treated herself to beautiful purple yarn. Then she treated the yarn to a wonderful pattern. Problem (s)????
Theresa didn't know at the time that this designer gives a lot of ease. Plus, while she was knitting, she was losing weight. When she finished, the sweater reached her knees and you couldn't find her hands. What to do?

Rip out, do it again. The sweater certainly is a masterpiece. I was worried the pictures wouldn't show all the detail, but they turned out fine. I have to admit the sweater certainly seems to have been worth the effort.

Next you'll see Amanda on her way to finishing a summer sweater. Looks like the perfect color!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If the Hat Fits

At Eastertime I made bunny hats for my grandniece and grandnephew.

This is Maddie in her hat. I was just thrilled it fit!
I don't think she's quite old enough to put on a hat and pretend. Her mom, Megan, says she is pretty sure it will still fit next year.

By then her parents may avoid putting it on Maddie just to stop the hopping!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Watch what I Say

After I checked out pictures from all over the world for WWKIP Day, I opined that maybe it would be a good idea if we put our projects in interesting places to liven up our pictures. Karen took my thought to heart. These are preemie hats we work on now and then before the big Knit One, Save One project that comes up in December.
I don't know what made Karen think of him: but, by golly, that gorilla is cute! Karen made his hat and Rebecca made the others.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

World Wide WHAT??? Day

On Monday I heard the TV say"World Wide.....Day" so I rushed to see on the TV what I thought would be World Wide Knit in Public Day from around the world. Sadly I was disappointed to find film for "World Wide Naked in Public Day" and see people riding bicycles naked to protest our dependence on oil from around the world. Surprise!

On Saturday, 26 yarn enthusiasts met under the tent at Schenley Plaza to display their skills. As usual, when these kind of people get together there was laughter and extensive admiration for some really lovely work.
We are really getting to know each other though because the same intrepid people venture forth to meet others like themselves in the Pittsburgh area. Come on, out there, the few new people had a wonderful time and we were so glad to see them. I know there are more of you out there because we support a group of wonderful LYS's we are really lucky to have in southwestern PA.

Here are the two best pictures I got and a short film from Stacy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please Join Us

As you can see from the sidebar, we have been planning for World Wide Knit (& Crochet) in Public Day. We'll have pins that can be had for a $5 donation to support our charities (Rwanda Knits and vets at the VA Hospital). We will also have door prizes (interesting, since this all happens in a tent with no door). We also plan to be great company and really look forward to sharing time with old and new friends. Many of our friends can't be there the entire time (2-5 ) but are stopping by to spend a little time with us. That's just fine with us, too.

World Wide Knit (& Crochet) in Public Day
Schenley Plaza, June 13, 2-5 pm

under the tent, between Hillman and Carnegie libraries

Now don't forget to bring your projects to work on!