Thursday, June 18, 2009

World Wide WHAT??? Day

On Monday I heard the TV say"World Wide.....Day" so I rushed to see on the TV what I thought would be World Wide Knit in Public Day from around the world. Sadly I was disappointed to find film for "World Wide Naked in Public Day" and see people riding bicycles naked to protest our dependence on oil from around the world. Surprise!

On Saturday, 26 yarn enthusiasts met under the tent at Schenley Plaza to display their skills. As usual, when these kind of people get together there was laughter and extensive admiration for some really lovely work.
We are really getting to know each other though because the same intrepid people venture forth to meet others like themselves in the Pittsburgh area. Come on, out there, the few new people had a wonderful time and we were so glad to see them. I know there are more of you out there because we support a group of wonderful LYS's we are really lucky to have in southwestern PA.

Here are the two best pictures I got and a short film from Stacy.


Unknown said...

LOL. I also heard about the WW Naked day and thought they were going to talk about us. Oh well maybe next year.

chocolate river alpacas said...

D - I saw the back of your head on the video!