Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Wedding Afghan

I've been working for awhile on an afghan for a family member. Because it is made in panels, I was able to bring some of the panels to the group and work on them. If I had to work on it all in one piece, it would quickly have become too heavy to be portable.
The pattern was called a Celtic Afghan and was published in Crochet Fantasy, a victim of hurricane Katrina. It called for Paton's Decor but I used TLC Essentials in Aran for all the panels, instead of contrasting neutral shades. I put all the panels together with a slip stitch; then made the border a little wider by adding a row of dc. The afghan is over 60" long and 45" wide. It turned out to be a really nice wedding gift.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Afghan Worth Waiting For

Carole used to come to 3RC rather regularly a couple of years ago, as did her daughter Amanda. Like all lives, things and patterns change and we hadn't seen them for awhile but they kept in touch.
Carole recently started back more or less regularly and introduced us to her friend Sonja. What she also brought with her was this finished afghan. I do remember her working on it at the very beginning. It was just wonderful to see it finished.
The top picture shows the back. It is absolutely serendipitous when a design is attractive on both sides. Of course, the front side is stunning. Then we just had to have Carole photographed with her fantastic afghan.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shelli's First Grandchild

The baby will be arriving soon and Shelli is ready with a layette. The booties look rather traditional but I love the curls on the top of the hat! Does pink give you hint what they are expecting?

Shelli is really becoming a pro on this sweater design. It called for crocheted ties but Shell thought that buttons would be better. So after knitting the sweater she put on crocheted loops and little buttons. Looks great and what fun! Shelli "changed" a pattern. Some of us are notorious for not keeping to the pattern but up until now Shell hasn't been that confident. I think the curls on the cap were her idea, too.

I said it was wonderful that she was bistitchual. We cleared up what that meant.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Little About Me

Last year I was lucky enough to get an afghan design (called Mission Cable)  in Unexpected Afghans. The pattern needed a little clarification and I did put up info on Ravelry through the Three Rivers Crochet group.
Then a very talented person contacted me and I went looking for what must have been misleading her. I found where there was another problem and contacted her AND put that info on Ravelry, too. Then  she sent me photos and gave away the afghan as a holiday present. The photos show she used a different color yarn but I think she did a fantastic job. Can't tell you how thrilled I am that someone liked my design.
The sweater was a redo of a sweater that I made for the holiday sales in a different size. A little more $$ for Rwanda Knits.