Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrap it up!



Two really outstanding wraps, cheerful and exciting. The Elegant Squares wrap just doesn't show like it should. It is made with glimmer and quite honestly sparkles  all over. It's a unique design and the pattern allows for a nice drape around the shoulders. It's fluffy and warm and eye-catching. You have to see it to find all the details.
The Flower Wrap is a sensation of color! but I also hope you can tell the delightful shawl pattern that the flowers are arranged on.
It was really difficult to show these two items at their best with my limited skills. Just so lovely.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Colorful Wraps

                                                                                      One of the African inspired items from Embellished Crochet is this Kente Cloth Wrap. I've seen some pictures of this style of colorful cloth and this item really nails it! It is done in Tunisian crochet and reverses to matching stripes on the back. Then there are the fantastic strings of beads. Pick this one up as one outstanding conversation piece.
The Mini Squares Wrap has a very youthful vibe and the embroidery is on both sides, making it reversible.
Time is growing short to register for the event and luncheon (here). Find all the great things you can get involved in for just $10 and then have a fun luncheon ($30) for charity. It's a good day when you can mix fun with helping someone else.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tunic and Top from Cari

                                                                                                                                                       The round yoke top is sweet and neutral. Embellishment can be subtle, too. The shells don't really show well in photos and are very interesting up close. The shells do go all the way around the yoke, adding interest from the back.
There are sections in Embellished Crochet that are African and Asian inspired. So we have the Indian Tunic. The chocolate brown really sets off this trim. It's on the cover of Cari's book because it is stunning!
So sorry on size. They are both 36" at the bust. But you skinny minnies can have a ball. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Shrugs for the Show from Cari

                                                                             Remember to sign up for the luncheon $30 and the registration fee (here) so that you can see all these items, buy raffle tickets, maybe purchase something, walk the runway and just have fun!

Here you have 2 shrugs both are size small. The green shrug is just covered with beads and is very warm, made with Bliss. The opera shrug is just embellished along the edging and is very understated. I've included the opera purse because it looks like a set.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Embellished Crochet model items

                                                                                                                                                      Cari Clement has sent us items that were modeled for the pictures in Embellished Crochet. These items will be seen in the "fashion show" and will be for sale after the luncheon. Because our fashion show is impromptu maybe you will do us the favor of walking some of these items down the runway for us.
While I can't handle the belt, a waist of up to 32" can show the medallion belt, a very nicely constructed item. Then there's the boho hobo bag which can be adjusted to any length and gives you the chance to have an item showing off Tunisian crochet. The fly away purse is just plain fun and has nice finishing details, but we still need to decide if there's time for it to be in the show.....because we are looking forward to seeing something you've made. Even if you failed to sign up for the fashion show, you can still change your mind right up to the last minute.    

Friday, January 23, 2009

Look for Us

Under activities for February, Pittsburgh magazine has information about the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival on pp. 99 & 100. You'll discover about other things than the luncheon going on at the festival. A lot of spinners, weavers, dyers, farmers (herders??) also are involved in the show besides knitters & crocheters & yarn shops. There's a lot to learn about that yarn we love so much.
Robyn Chachula has also mentioned the luncheon on her blog Crochet by Faye. If you like to see someone going through the design process, she really explains about inspirations, tweaking and reworking designs until things come out right. She has her own online pattern line, too!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fifth Basket

So much in this basket it popped out of its cellophane sleeve. Then we had to wrap it in more cellophane! So it's a little hard to see through the extra packaging! 
10 skeins of Choo-Choo, 4 skeins of Mandarin Cotton and 1 of Fun Fur,5 skeins of Bamboo and 4 skeins of Karaoke from SWTC, and a Tank Pattern kit with Classic Imagine yarn. Then there's a Vogue Knitting magazine, New Knits on the Block, and Hollywood Knits. Circular bamboo knitting needle, straight bamboo knitting needles, Rosewood straight knitting needles, sheep tape measure and seaming pins. Might need help getting this basket to the car!
Wow I've certainly listed a great many items in the last 5 blogs. I forgot to get a picture of the knitting machine and some yarn to get you started.
Going to the luncheon (besides the good food and the fun at the fashion show) is worth getting the chance at one of these baskets. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The 4th Raffle Basket

This basket has 6 skeins of Spa from Caron! Bamboo yarn from SWTC! A Dale of Norway sweater kit. The Little Box of Sweaters, the Encyclopedia of Knitting, Vogue Knitting magazine, New Directions of Knitting. Circular Bamboo Knitting needles. INOX circular needles and a SIgnature Knitting Needle Set.

Don't forget to send in you reservation for the Three Yarntini Luncheon! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Third Raffle Basket

                                                                                       This is the third basket. It contains 12 skeins of Country from Caron! and 3 skeins of Soysilk from SWTC! Then there's Kristin Knits, The Little Book of Sweaters, Design and Knit the Sweater of your Dreams, a Vogue Knitting and a Knit 1 magazine. Circular bamboo knitting needles, INOX circulars, straight knitting needles and rosewood knitting needles. Quite a haul for whomever wins this one!
Remember all this is to benefit charities: the Women's Shelter and Rwanda Knits. find out more about them by clicking on their names in the sidebar.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Second Raffle Basket

The first basket had a beginner knitter vibe. This is the crochet emphasized basket. It contains 11 skeins of Country from Caron! and Karoke Soysilk and Bamboo from SWTC! I taught myself to crochet, Fun and Funky Crochet, Crochet Today and 2 Interweave Crochet magazines, Join as you Go Afghans, a Susan Bates crochet hook and a bamboo circular needle.
Three Yarntini Luncheon
Feb, 14th 11:30-1:30
4 Points Sheraton, Cranberry Exit off Rtes.76 &79
For more information go to Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival and click on luncheon gala.

If the luncheon is beyond your means please go to the Women's Shelter and/or Rwanda Knits websites and find where to send a check to support these worthy projects. Write 3RC by memo so they know Three Rivers Crochet inspired you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

WOW the raffle baskets are big!

We'll be raffling off some great baskets. Bring your dollar bills to the Three Yarntini Luncheon because you will want to win one of these baskets. We've been saying how generous some of the yarn  companies have been and some  local yarn stores. Now see for yourselves.
The first basket has 11 skeins of Spa and Country from Caron! 2 skeins of Fantasy from Dark Horse! and 4 skeins of Karoke from SWTC!  Vogue books: Knit 101, Beginner Basics Knitting Beyond the Basics, Knitting Quick Reference.  INOX circular needles, circular bamboo needles, point protectors and sheep tape measure. Come back tomorrow to see the next basket.

Don't forget Three Yarntini Luncheon
 is $30 and registration fee for the
Pgh Knit and Crochet Festival
Feb.14  11:30-1:30 
at 4 Points Sheraton
off the Cranberry Exit of Rtes. 76 & 79
by Feb 6th
to benefit the Women's Shelter in Pittsburgh and Rwanda Knits

The raffle baskets are an important part of our fundraiser since 100% of proceeds go to the charities. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shelli Finishes Vest

You can see Shelli showing us the almost finished project before the holidays. There are all kinds of clips and holders hanging off the vest, although it certainly was starting to look pretty good. At that point I think Shelli was rather anxious about the pockets. Putting in pockets? Very cool and quite advanced.
Last Saturday Larry and Shelli stopped by to show off the finished vest. Talk about perfect fit! Just look at the details on the pocket area. Shelli is like so many of us: agonizing about every aspect of the project and then ending with a great finish. I think she belongs in this group!