Friday, May 29, 2009

WarmUp America Afghan

Awhile ago, I made the sample for Vanna White's Warm Up America Afghan in her afghan book. Using so many colors the only thing I could do was make another afghan. Of course, I played around with the texture  of the squares, and color sequences, etc. You can see the 49 rectangles in the spread out  pic. Vanna's Choice is 100% acrylic, fluffier than Red Heart, and uses a bigger hook. I really like all the colors in this yarn.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More of Lyn's Creations

These are the last of what Lyn designed and they are off for donation. Some of the pictures, of course, don't do them justice. The colors and textures are almost always better than the photo.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More of Lyn's Creations

                                                                                         The two top afghans have an interesting story. The large motifs were already in a package of donated yarn. What to do with them? Lyn's solution is lovely.

The next 2 are lovely, too. But the last one is knitted! A beautiful slip stitch pattern with a seed stitch edging! Lyn is like me: a lifelong crocheter. She has just started knitting fairly recently and look what she can do! I am most impressed. My knitting skills are no where near hers and I'm sure she worked hard at developing these skills. So I am duly impressed with her achievement.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lyn's Latest Work

Lyn has been working nonstop, carefully selecting donated yarns and some other yarns to make many afghans for charity. These are 4 of her latest for the younger set.

Different patterns and different stitches. She knows how to mix it up!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doily Rug

Rebecca crocheted this rug from large  spools of unusual yarn. She felted it in the washer so it is a little bit oval. She's going to dampen it again and get its shape more round. Strikes me as something you would see on a very proper Victorian porch along with some beautiful wicker furniture. We should have had someone's foot nearby so you could tell how large it actually is.

Actually it's stunning as is and I didn't take enough time to really place it well for the photo.
Cool, R!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Something Else We Do

Carla is one of our close contacts. She works with Rebecca and their workplace is involved in Guatemala through Children of the Americas. Last year Rebecca made hats for Carla to take with her. Instant sensation! (Rebecca makes seriously cute hats, just from her stash). She didn't have time to make many and everyone wanted one.

So we are putting out word that the Guatemalans really love color. Rebecca used a simple pattern of alternating sc, ch,  for a thinner fabric and then sewed up the seam and gathered the one end. Your basic rectangle hat that even beginners can do. Apparently the adults wanted hats, too. So if you want more info to help us out: contact for more directions on the hats and where to send them. We are planning to make hats for the next trip in 2010. 

We are also collecting preemie hats for Knit One, Save One. That campaign comes up this fall.
Use the same contact for that info. Not everyone can manage to be in a knit or crochet group but we would love to have you as a long distance member of our group.