Monday, July 26, 2010

Paulette's Activities

New people come to the group all the time. They are frequently very accomplished yarn enthusiasts. We're glad they find us, so we can appreciate their talent. We love seeing what they have created.
Paulette knits and crochets. She recently finished these socks; we thought the self striping yarn came out in an interesting pattern. Then Paulette surprised us with a donation for the Yarn Ball. This darling baby sweater and made with sock yarn! I'm sure it will be a hit on Oct. 9th.
But she also crochets. She is working on a tablecloth using this pineapple motif. She joins up the newest square on the last round. Apparently she has made several tablecloths. I am envious. When I grow up I will make a tablecloth, too.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Funny Foto

Faith is making a great pair of socks. The pic really shows the eyelet pattern running down the front. But when Karen was setting up the sock to show it off best, she was looking at the sock from a different angle than I was. I took the photo and got what looks like a great sock for Big Foot! Actually, the real sock is in perfect proportion and Faith is a talented knitter.