Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Those Interesting Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves have become popular to make and fun to wear. Here are some samples. Doug made a pair using metallic-looking yarn (a gauntlet look) but it doesn't show up well in photos. Pat has been trying to get together a pair, but I'm not sure there is a mate (yet). But she modeled her glove and someone else modeled a striped one by Ethlyn.
by Diane

Saturday, February 7, 2015

SciFi Chris here.  One of the things I love about 3RC is the generous nature of its members.  Diane recently posted about Carol's commitment to Project Linus and the amazing blankets she has made for them.  There is our annual fundraiser for Rwanda Knits and Pittsburgh Vets.  3RC has made hats and scarves for many, many different charities.  Most recently, folks in 3RC stepped up to make items for the Butler County Humane Society fundraiser on Friday, February 13th.  Doug coordinated efforts for the group, gathering up all the donations, helping organize them, and dropping them off.  He also took lots of great photos, which are posted below.

Have A Heart for Animals
Valentine’s Party to Benefit the Butler County Humane Society

February 13, 2015 6:00-9:00pm
Bottlebrush: A Gallery for the Arts
539 Main Street Harmony, PA 16037

Music by James and Debra Tobin, Pittsburgh
Food and Drink
Doggy Kissing Booth with Pickles
Love on a Leash Therapy Cat, Draven
Face Painting for Kids, Big and Small by Faces  by Christina
Silent Auctions ~ Scavenger Hunt
Door Prizes ~ Gift Baskets
Forever in My Heart Memory Wall
Meet Our Adoptable Dogs and Cats!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Some of Marisa's Projects

I was thrilled when Marisa and Kristin joined the group. People who crocheted thread!

Marisa crochets with any yarn and with any pattern. Just check out these projects she brought in last summer. I'm really slow about getting projects onto the blog (which is why SciFi helps out) and didn't want you to think that Marisa dresses inappropriately in cold weather!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Enduring Commitment

Previously we have blogged about Linus Project and our connection with them, Carol. Carol recently updated us that the local group had a yearly reckoning and the Linus Project in our area donated 12,145 blankets in the past year. I, for one, am truly impressed that an area of our size was able to produce and hand out so many blankets. (That's not adding in all the little groups I hear about, here and there, who are making their own charity work  items.)

Following is a smattering of Carol's contributions. She doesn't follow patterns and pretty much puts together her own ideas.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Butler County Humane Society is having its annual Have A Heart For Animals Valentine’s Day Party and fundraiser on Friday, February 13th.   The fun filled event will be at Bottlebrush Art Gallery, 539 Main Street, Harmony, PA 16037.  It starts at 6pm and goes until 9pm. There is no charge for admission, just bring an item for the animals at the Humane Society. 

Details about the event can be found here:

Three Rivers is donating many items, both for the silent auction and for sale.   If you are interested in helping out, please bring your items to a 3RC meeting by January 31 and give them to Doug.   He has kindly agreed to collect and deliver the items.

So what are the folks in 3RC making for the Have A Heart fundraiser?  All sorts of things.

 Carol and Doug are making leashes.  Carol is using a homemade loom, made from an old medicine bottle, nails and duct tape.  Doug is using something a bit fancier, a wooden lucet.  Both methods produce very spiffy leashes.

Rebecca has made a cat blanket, which can be used to keep cat hair off the furniture, warm up a crate, or just give a comfy place for a cat to lounge.

Oriana is making funny 'cat butt' coasters. She is also making a cat's eyes blanket.

Diane is crocheting a warm bed, perfect for either a cat or a small dog.

Constance made these for our "Winter Walkies" basket:  a reflective doggie sweater and treats for the dog's human, a coffee cup holder and chocolate bars.

This was an amazing donation.  Denise K. is not a regular member of 3RC, but she saw Diane's email about our collecting donations for the fundraiser.  She suddenly appeared, with two doggie beds she had made and a bag full of toys and treats for dogs and cats.  Very, very generous of her and very much appreciated!

Bertha made this adorable little shrug, for the fashionable dog.

 Amy's project reused and recycled old tshirts.  She made strips out of the old tshirts and crocheted them into a pet mat.  She also donated a cat collar.

This is one of several pet mats Nicole has made for the fundraiser.  She has lots of yarn she sets aside to use on charitable projects and she enthusiastically puts her talents to good use benefiting others.

SciFi Chris made a doggie shaped treat jar.

If you are interested in donating an item, just drop it off at the weekly 3RC meeting, Saturday 2pm to 5pm, Panera Bread near Magee Hospital.  Doug will be collecting them until January 31st. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Always Busy

Everyone in the group is always working on something. Bea has been seriously working at reducing her stash.
However, at our first meeting this year, Bea lamented needing to purchase something at Michael's after the meeting and said: "I just know I'll walk out of there with yarn."
A little something she crocheted from "leftovers".

Sunday, December 28, 2014

SciFi Chris here!  Hoping your holidays were merry and bright, and your New Year will be full of colorful yarn and no major tangles!
Three Rivers Crochet’s annual charity fundraiser at the Wilkins School Community Center raised $2488 for Rwanda Knits and Pittsburgh Vets.  Many, many thanks to the folks who bought items at the sale, made items for the sale, and worked the sale.

3RC isn’t slowing down in the new year!  Our next charity contribution is donating items to the Butler County Humane Society fundraiser.  We are making items to be sold at their February 13th event.  Some items will be sold outright and some will be raffled off.   Donations can be brought to the weekly 3RC meeting at Panera Bread near Magee Hospital.  Items need to be brought in by Saturday, January 31st.  What type of items?  Things for pets, stuff for pet owners.  For example, dog coats for walkies on cold days, doo bag holders, cat toys, and pet beds/mats. is a superawesome place to find patterns for pet items.

Of course, 3RC folks also make items for themselves or their friends and family.  Here’s some photos from the December 27th meeting.  
 Carol is making an afghan for her grandson.  She makes stripes and then sews them together, rather than making many little blocks and sewing them together.  The paper is her plan for how the color blocks will be placed.

 Original Chris was given some hand dyed yarn from (I believe) Guatemala.  The top yarn was dyed with carrots, the bottom with beetles.

 In Nicole's neighborhood is a memorial for firefighters.  Included is a statue of a dalmatian holding a firefighter's helmet.  Some of the local kids were concerned that the dog statue would be cold and so therefore needed a scarf.  Nicole kindly agreed to make this colorful scarf for the dalmatian statue.

 Pat is working on a ruffle scarf, in a gorgeous sparkling blue.  Diane is assisting in the trickier than it looks project.

 Doug, wearing the very spiffy steampunk style gloves made by Theresa with yarn she dyed, is working on his latest project, finger crochet.  Just like the name implies, its crocheting using your finger instead of a hook. 

 New folks, Sarah and Katrina!  Always exciting when new folks find us.  Katrina is working on a hat in a lovely, soft, subtly variegated black yarn.  She also showed us photos of an 'ugly' Christmas sweater she made, which won her office ugly sweater contest and an adorable vampire doll she made. 

 Projects, lots and lots of projects!

 Edith, finishing up a beautiful lace top for her sister.

As always, we meet every Saturday at the Panera near Magee Hospital, from 2pm to 5pm or whenever.  Hope to see you there!