Friday, May 28, 2010


We are again hosting World Wide Knit in Public Day. Rebecca already had this info on the sidebar but I thought I would also blog about it.

The date this year is June 12. We are again at the Schenley Plaza from 2 to 5. But people can come and go at any time. The plaza is at 4100 Forbes Ave. in Oakland and is between the Carnegie and Hillman Libraries. There's metered parking and concession stands. We meet under the tent where there are already tables and chairs. Just bring your projects: the event is free.
We're planning a raffle for people to sample yarns they may have wanted or never wanted to try. Just a little something extra to make the day more interesting. Please come and join us.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Present

This is an afghan I made for my nephew's wedding.
It is a Terry Kimbrough design, I made using Caron One Pound and used 3 lbs.
While this is not the softest yarn while crocheting, after washing and some fabric softener and then popping in the dryer, it really softened up. Very cuddly now.
The design calls for 6 strips and then crocheting them together. Then a 5 row edging. Its name is Simply Gorgeous and I think it is!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rwanda Knits Update

Three Rivers Crochet has been receiving updates from Cari Clement and she has been liberal with her praise of our efforts on behalf of Rwanda Knits.
These pictures I believe are of the Ignezi group who are making their moves towards total independence. Apparently our donation made it possible to get computers and programs that enabled them to set up business operations like they needed. I am impressed that Cari made all the connections that made this work out. But her real joy was seeing the group to independence. That final goal that all the little steps moved towards. I can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment. For her and for the women.

The first picture is of the management and design teams together. The next group is checking out some design ideas. Finally, Cari is smiling away with Immaculee and Faina. Cari says 3RC helped put those smiles on their faces.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beginning of May

It seems we are okayed for the Yarn Ball date. This year it will be on October 9th, so we can (hopefully) take advantage of fall color and comfortable temperatures out on the deck. We will be at the same place as last year, the Thermo-Fisher Building next to the Hot Metal Bridge.

Several weeks ago I made a necklace from the latest Crochet Today. I thought the necklace turned out well. But we all thought that as a design for the Yarn Ball offering, it needed to be scaled down and colored threads would be more attractive to people. What do you think?

Amanda is making 3 of these caps for the "Ball". I love that color and the design is really cute. She also is making us labels to put in the items we make that tell how to clean the items. How professional is that? She's actually quite a label maker. Last year for the ball, Amanda made a "Yarn Ball" label for the wine her husband made and she brought to the ball. No, we won't be selling wine!

Behind the large Steeler helmet afghan is Theresa. I would kid her about hiding behind it, except it really shows how big this project is! Figuring that a male "fan" might really like this afghan, she made it larger than most. Anyone out there interested in getting hold of this afghan before the "Ball"? Contact me. Charity donations are welcome year round.

Lyn has been making amigurumi again for the "Ball". These mushrooms go up in size and have corresponding dots on their caps 1-4. A great teaching tool. But even if they weren't, I think tots would love them. Lyn also made a starfish. We think Amelia approves of this design, too!