Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Karen and Lyn

Lyn is making fleece baby blankets with crocheted edgings and coordinating burp cloths. This particular set was made for Karen as a baby present at a shower. Karen paid Lyn for this set, since Lyn intended the set to go to the holiday sales charity fundraiser. Lyn is making more sets and they will be available in December at the sales. Sometimes we are our own best supporters.
Karen made the child's sweater from yarn that came from Highlands Alpaca. It will be for sale there   until someone snatches it up. The softness of this sweater is fantastic.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Chris A and I made some hats for donation to the VA. I made the plain blue hat and Chris A made the tweed and red hats. The variegation on the tweed made the nice striping effect. So nice when a project is just that much more than planned.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Has Carol Been Up To?

Carol keeps working away at the yarn her niece sent her. Her latest creation is this purple baby blanket.
Back in May Carol attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It must be immense from the number of vendors listed. She got into a conversation with the owner of Cestari Sheep and Land Co. and mentioned the work 3RC does. She wanted to gather up some "sale" yarn to bring back and hand out to the group for holiday sales items. When the gentleman found out what she was doing, he gave her an additional discount.
Again we have benefited from the generosity of strangers. A shout out of thanks to Cestari Sheep and Land Co. I'm working on a knitted lace scarf with the 2 skeins Carol gave me. Thanks, Carol.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diane's Personal Projects

The blanket and handkerchiefs were presents.
The baby blanket was made with Sirdar Snuggly, which I think is the softest acrylic for making baby things. The main part of the blanket was Tunisian knit stitch. I found the edging in an afgan book but I had to rework the basic # of stitches to get the ruffly result. It's was rather close to what I wanted to create.
The handkerchief was worked in size 10 Elizabeth thread on an all ready to go hanky square. I was using a pattern from the 50's that used much finer thread. So once again I had to use some math to get the basic pattern started. I also had to reduce the number of stitches again in the final row because the heavier thread was taking up too much space.
I was initially disappointed in the Elizabeth thread because it had so many breaks in the strands and had lumped up. I had to do a lot of cutting out and restarting with quite a few ends to bury. This particular ball of thread was a freebie. After that I've made other projects using other balls of the Elizabeth thread that was purchased and had no problem. Perhaps just the luck of the draw.
I was very pleased with how these projects turned out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Constance Creates , Too

Constance, as well as Phyllis, took home some swatches and bits and made two blankets for Linus Project. I really like the green one with the rose. I don't know if I would have picked up the orange pieces, but Constance figured out how to make the pieces work.
Finally she is showing off her own zip back at a press of a button measuring tape. It came from Carol with its own crocheted cozy. When Constance was teaching a beginning crochet class at the Humane Society, she mentioned to Carol that she was using a roll up by hand measuring tape that she'd had for 25 years. She told her students to invest in a tape that rolls up by itself. Carol thought Constance should move into the 20th century, too. Nice gift Carol. Not everyone has a measuring tape cozy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some More of Phyllis's Work

 Besides helping us out, Phyllis likes to make doll clothes and sell them at bazaars. If you are at a craft fair maybe you will see her and say hi.
The yellow center was a donation and Phyllis turned it into a baby blanket. She donated that one and the two others. I've blogged about the big blue afghan as she worked to figure out how to use the squares. It finally turned out fantastic!
Then she surprised us with her final creation. I believe that "granny square" idea will be going longer than me. In the hands of someone like Phyllis it looks new and modern.
Phyllis never hangs around long but she loves to drop by. We're always excited to see her because she is bound to have something interesting to show. She says she likes the group because we appreciate her work. Well, we know what it takes to produce beautiful results and we always respect that effort.
We all know someone's going to get a great gift from Linus Project now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

WWKIP June 16, 2012

 We met under the tent as we had hoped. It was a very hot day and we were grateful not to be in the sun. We encountered a few new people but the group was mostly the same as the past KIP's. So it was a happy "haven't seen you so long" opportunity.
The old fashioned "knitting machine" was a real attention grabber. Great for making tubes. Imagine a pair of socks in a night!
Schenley Plaza remains one of the best places for our KIP because of the size and it's free!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


People always wonder how often they have to come to the meetings to be in the group. Meeting every week can be overwhelming.

Yona comes to the group when ever she can. Of course, we always are really happy to see her AND what new items she has dreamed (nightmared) up. Actually, her creations aren't scary, but really fun.
These two look like feet to me. Happy feet??? But if I keep looking, I start to think space aliens. Either way, wouldn't a child be thrilled with one of these wathchamacallits that look so friendly?

Yona is alway working on something new. She does it to amuse herself. She must laugh alone by herself a lot. Hmmm.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paulette Keeps Busy

Paulette hasn't been able to get to many 3RC meetings lately. But I knew she was probably making something nice. Her idea of a good day is a lot like mine. Get done what needs to done so I can crochet! (in her case, maybe knit, too).
This afghan was gifted to Paulette's sister. The yarn is Road to China: a blend of alpaca, cashmere, camel, and silk. She says it is really soft (sounds like it). Paulette also says "a dream to work with".   

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What a Bargain!

Many times we go shopping, just looking for some great bargains. Peggy found this afghan for $2 at Good Will. She immediately recognized its true worth when someone apparently did not. Well, perhaps it was a situation where they needed to dispose of items and had already received nice afghans from the maker; so they gave it to Good Will. At least, they didn't throw it away. But Peggy knew just what to do with it: donate to Linus Project. That's just what she did!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unexpected Afghans Winner!

Well, I wrote everyone's email addresses on slips of paper and rolled them into balls. Then I tossed the entire group in front of my cat. I picked up the first one he touched. The winner is Rochelle Glanz.
I will contact interweave with your email address so they can send you the free pdf to download. Hope you make many fine afghans and thoroughly enjoy the book.
Anyone having a problem with my afghan pattern can contact me here or on ravelry where I am dhalpern3. I'm glad to give support.