Monday, July 16, 2012

Some More of Phyllis's Work

 Besides helping us out, Phyllis likes to make doll clothes and sell them at bazaars. If you are at a craft fair maybe you will see her and say hi.
The yellow center was a donation and Phyllis turned it into a baby blanket. She donated that one and the two others. I've blogged about the big blue afghan as she worked to figure out how to use the squares. It finally turned out fantastic!
Then she surprised us with her final creation. I believe that "granny square" idea will be going longer than me. In the hands of someone like Phyllis it looks new and modern.
Phyllis never hangs around long but she loves to drop by. We're always excited to see her because she is bound to have something interesting to show. She says she likes the group because we appreciate her work. Well, we know what it takes to produce beautiful results and we always respect that effort.
We all know someone's going to get a great gift from Linus Project now.

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