Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special Olympics Scarves 2012

Yes, that's right! 2012!

3RC barely made the scarf deadline and then didn't make the cut off; so our scarves went outside PA last year. This year we are being really timely. The info for this winter is already up. We thought that since we get so busy in the fall with other charity projects we would get a head start this year. Besides when it's so warm, working on just a scarf isn't so uncomfortable. We are going to make our deadline Sept 1st. But PA's deadline is Feb 1st. So anyone who wants to be involved in the Special Olympics Scarf project has plenty of time.
Again the scarves are 6 x 6o". The colors are Red Heart Cherry and Soft Navy. All the info is on the website, just google Special Olympics Scarves 2012.

Here you see our first group of scarves. They've been washed and almost dried and are being blocked until dry. Three of the scarves are from this year's crocheted designs, but again you are free to do a pattern of your own choosing. They'll each be put in their own ziploc bag and sent out altogether at one time.