Friday, May 14, 2010

Rwanda Knits Update

Three Rivers Crochet has been receiving updates from Cari Clement and she has been liberal with her praise of our efforts on behalf of Rwanda Knits.
These pictures I believe are of the Ignezi group who are making their moves towards total independence. Apparently our donation made it possible to get computers and programs that enabled them to set up business operations like they needed. I am impressed that Cari made all the connections that made this work out. But her real joy was seeing the group to independence. That final goal that all the little steps moved towards. I can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment. For her and for the women.

The first picture is of the management and design teams together. The next group is checking out some design ideas. Finally, Cari is smiling away with Immaculee and Faina. Cari says 3RC helped put those smiles on their faces.

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