Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrap it up!



Two really outstanding wraps, cheerful and exciting. The Elegant Squares wrap just doesn't show like it should. It is made with glimmer and quite honestly sparkles  all over. It's a unique design and the pattern allows for a nice drape around the shoulders. It's fluffy and warm and eye-catching. You have to see it to find all the details.
The Flower Wrap is a sensation of color! but I also hope you can tell the delightful shawl pattern that the flowers are arranged on.
It was really difficult to show these two items at their best with my limited skills. Just so lovely.


Rebecca said...

I can attest to that indeed! I saw them in person and they are breathtaking!

Zu said...

They are both really gorgeous! I think the black one is my fave. :-)