Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fifth Basket

So much in this basket it popped out of its cellophane sleeve. Then we had to wrap it in more cellophane! So it's a little hard to see through the extra packaging! 
10 skeins of Choo-Choo, 4 skeins of Mandarin Cotton and 1 of Fun Fur,5 skeins of Bamboo and 4 skeins of Karaoke from SWTC, and a Tank Pattern kit with Classic Imagine yarn. Then there's a Vogue Knitting magazine, New Knits on the Block, and Hollywood Knits. Circular bamboo knitting needle, straight bamboo knitting needles, Rosewood straight knitting needles, sheep tape measure and seaming pins. Might need help getting this basket to the car!
Wow I've certainly listed a great many items in the last 5 blogs. I forgot to get a picture of the knitting machine and some yarn to get you started.
Going to the luncheon (besides the good food and the fun at the fashion show) is worth getting the chance at one of these baskets. 

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