Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready for Holiday Sales

Everyone is making things for the holiday sales and usually I am asked, "What can I make? or What do we need? But Theresa is going about it in a different way.
Chris asked her to make a skull and crossbones cap for her because we had already seen one Theresa made. Theresa made the first but it didn't quite fit, so she made another. Unfortunately, other people seeing her work on these hats, want hats, too. But now they are requesting other designs, like fish bones.
If she works on these designs when does she make something for the Holiday Sales? By turning her special requests into donations for either Rwanda Knits or VA Pittsburgh Healthcare Systems. Nice going, Theresa!
Theresa is seen here with Chris showing off the skull and crossbones hat and a fishbone hat. By the way, the small skull and crossbones hat has made its way into the Holiday Sales.

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