Friday, March 29, 2013

Amanda Finishing Up

Amanda decided to finish a tam she started last year or was it a year since she had worked on it? A familiar story to me anyway. It was crocheted in a Malabrigo yarn. Post stitches help create the design.

She was obviously then working on putting together the squares for a panel for the KtB. The last picture shows all the squares together but alas, she still has to weave in all the ends!


Yazj42 said...

Hi! I follow your blog and love all you guys do. I am also a crocheter, and would love to join you sometimes to crochet. I am mom to two little children, so it would be nice to be able to get away once in a while and work on a few projects. Do you let other people come crochet with you?

Anonymous said...

Sure! Come crochet, knit or even needlepoint!