Monday, July 1, 2013

Carol and D.O.G.

Carol surprised me one day by sending me an email that said"I crocheted a sweater!" I was very excited to see the sweater because I had been encouraging her to branch out since she was showing off all these crocheting skills. What a surprise! A pet sweater! A red sweater on a black cat no less. We shared a chuckle over her pulling this joke on me.
But D.O.G. needed the sweater because she was becoming more frail. In order to keep warm she was hanging out in front of the kitchen refrigerator for the warmth that was flowing out. Carol decided to expand D.O.G. 's wardrobe and made her the sports sweater that everyone in Pittsburgh recognizes as the team colors for everything. (If you are a yarn enthusiast anywhere around Pittsburgh you have yellow and black in your stash.)
D.O.G. was a sweet, loving cat that adored cuddling with Carol. Carol had nursed D.O.G. through several illnesses, but she knew her feline friend just wasn't coming back to health this time. Recently, D.O.G. died and Carol sent her friends a note telling of her loss and how much affection this cat had brought into her life.
My thought was that crochet had allowed Carol to give comfort to D.O.G. when that was all she could do.

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