Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Panels for KtB (Knit the Bridge) were due in by June 1st and these were turned in on time. The panel has squares made by different people. Barb B came to the group special so she could turn in her square. After I put all the squares together in the panel, I added 4" by  crocheting 2" rows on each short end. I knew that the squares came out short on length, but the instructions never said what to do about that. However, it was mentioned that the short length was a problem in one of the KtB emails. So this panel was all right; but most likely someone had to add some length to our other panels. This means that 3RC as a group effort turned in 3 panels.
But Chris A managed to do 3 panels all on her own. This was her final effort, which you can see has been meticulously planned. I like that she'll be able to spot it easily on the Warhol Bridge.
That's the bridge that was finally settled on. It will be covered from early August through early September. More funds are needed and can be donated at Indiegogo.
The railings of the bridge are all going to be covered in black strips. Karen C has made 3 of them and Peggy D one. I'm also finishing up one. I can't get over how absolutely boring it is to crochet a strip 9" wide and 105" long in black.
While other bridges have been covered this is the biggest bridge to be covered so far and should set a world record. Makes sense for the City of Bridges.  

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