Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Aunt Lorraine's Hat

Pat's sister and Randy's aunt lives in Florida. However, she is in assisted living and has been feeling cold and in need of a hat. If you are in Florida in the summer, a warm hat is hard to find.

Randy made this hat for her Aunt Lorraine. The yarn is Chunky Mochi and this colorway seems perfect  for summer in Florida. The design is called Chunky Mochi Dragon Rib Hat by Laura Andersson.

This is Randy's first hat. She keeps expanding her knitting skills and said it was tricky when she got to the top. She always sends important info with her pics, so that someone can track down what they need to make something they saw here. Thanks, Randy.


Mike0831 said...

very pretty, thanks for showing it!

Mike0831 said...

Nothing to add at this moment.

Unknown said...

Thank you Michael. I have made two more in intense rainbow chunky mochi. so much fun. I found some metal embellishments to sew on.