Friday, January 17, 2014

Hiya all!  Scifi Chris with another 3RC blog post.

Karen, Rebecca, and Amelia are long term members of Three Rivers Crochet.  Little Amelia has literally been coming to 3RC meetings her entire life.  While mom Rebecca crochets, Amelia colors, plays with her stuffed animals, and visits with the other folks of 3RC.

Karen and Rebecca discovered that many small, independent fiber farmers were having problems finding a way to get the fiber they were producing to the folks who would want to use it to crochet, knit, and felt.  They got together and came up with a solution:  a company designed to help these small  farms distribute their yarn and roving.  Amelia and Wiggles was created!  The name comes from Rebecca’s little one Amelia, and Wiggles, Karen’s ‘baby’ dog. 

Amelia and Wiggles (the yarn company, not the girl and dog) have started making appearances at various craft shows.  You can also get awesome yarn and roving at their website:   
Remember, all the yarn and roving comes from family farms and is processed at family owned mini-mills.  It’s a great way to support local, small businesses. 

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