Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shanti Joins Us

March 10th was our big joining day with everyone wielding needles with yarn for sewing. Shanti came to the group for the first time that day and she could have felt very left out and her crochet problem ignored.
But Theresa immediately befriended Shanti and helped her with the problem: a combination of not being real experienced in crochet and what I call "opaque" instructions. After sometime working together Shanti had a good feel for the granny square patterning and was quite proud of what she had accomplished.
Shanti arrived the next week with a great start on a granny square but needed to learn how to change colors. She is showing off her first attempt at a color change here, but by the end of the meeting she had successfully done another change.
That is how you join Three Rivers Crochet. Show up and join in.

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