Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Finished Products

Would you have thought that my descriptions from the previous entry would have resulted in these spectacular patchwork afghans? After years of doing these patchworks (and I must admit to not particularly caring for doing the stitching it requires) I am always pleasantly surprised at how pleasing to the eye the results are. Of course, Lyn put the finishing touches on these and always does a stupendous amount of work on them.
Carol is showing off a baby blanket she put together using the blue pieces. Not all patchworks turn out large.
Phyllis came late and was comfortable with crocheting squares together. However what was left didn't fit together very well. So she took the pieces home and unraveled them and added some of her own yarn. She ended up with a nice lapghan and as yet to be finished really cool Granny motif.
About the pictures: they really don't do justice to the colors. In person, the afghans are colorful arrays of really interesting swatches. I have to admit I did a spectacular job of lopping off heads in these photos, a skill for which I am famous.

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