Monday, March 5, 2012

Linus Project

Several weeks ago , we had a nice afternoon visit with Lois Misko. She is the new director for Linus Project and the energetic person who will be sending on our blankets to where they are most needed.

Until now, Lyn has been handling the responsibility of collecting our blankets and turning them in. She's done a wonderful job for us and we are really thankful for her dedication.

But since Lois is based in the South Hills, Carol will be taking over the job now. Carol feels the Linus Project is close to her heart ever since a preemie grandson in an infant ICU received a blanket from them.

You can see the different blankets we had that day for Lois. It looks like Lois and Carol will get along famously. Carol is known for her tiny blankets with cute appliques like this cupcake one.

You can find all the information you need to donate to Linus Project at and you can get tons of ideas and local info from Lois at

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