Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy on March 10

On March 10th, we gathered in Panera's meeting room. Usually we don't use that room because we never know how many people are coming and don't want to hog the space. But when we need room to spread out, we really need the tables.
On this occasion we were again putting together swatches. Swatches are yarn shapes that we have all accumulated for a couple of reasons. Someone gets a sample of yarn and tries it out but it isn't enough to make anything. Gauge swatching which Rebecca and I do to match Robyn's swatch for a project and which everyone should do before they make something, especially clothing. What to do with small amounts of donated yarn. It might make a nice sized swatch and gives someone a chance to try a new stitch pattern or motif.
The big challenge this day was to fit it all together into an afghan: a puzzle ready made. We were all over the place, trying to match things up and fit things together. Sometimes certain items just look wrong together, so you get more than one item when we get done. See the next entry for the results.

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