Thursday, April 5, 2012

Theresa's Commissions

Theresa does her part for our charity donations by making requested items and having the check written to the charity.

In the case of the R2D2 hat, she was accused of preying on another's weaknesses. She knew Chris was going to a sci fi con and hurriedly whipped up this hat just in time for Chris to realize this hat was exactly what she needed to take with her.

All kidding aside, Chris thinks she can get a sale for a stormtrooper hat, too. Theresa finds these designs in needlepoint and then totally designs a hat around it. It takes a lot of planning. She does seem to be getting awfully good at this type of hat.

She also made a cowl for Karen. This is the second cowl she made from the yarn Panne, using the accompanying pattern. The first one was for me since I won the yarn. I earmarked the remaining yarn for a second cowl to be put into the holiday sales. Karen liked it so much, she said she would make the donation. Unfortunately, it was finished just in time for this early spring and Karen hasn't had a chance to enjoy it. I wore mine through February and found it to be cuddly warm tucked into my coat.

By the way, the donations are already in the hands of the Pittsburgh vets.

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