Friday, April 13, 2012

Phyllis Works on Problems

When we have a great many diverse squares donated to us, it's always a quandary how to handle them to get a pleasing and useful result.

Somehow Phyllis ended up with several of these, but I feel she enjoys the challenge: seeing what she can come up with.

She has done several things. She has totally "frogged" a square and recycled the yarn. Sometimes yarn that is available or has been donated just won't work. It can be difficult coming up with a pleasing combination.
What looks like 4 squares are really 6 squares, but Phyllis thought it needed a border and the red looks great. That one is earmarked for as a lapghan to go to the vets.

On the other two Phyllis started out with nice squares but she had to design the rest. She sometimes borrows a little yarn from the design and uses it to make a more pleasing edging. Other times she finds a fairly good match. The end result are two infant blankets for the Linus Project.


Roxann said...

Gorgeous!! and for such a good cause!

Constance said...

oooh, that top one is particularly beautiful!