Friday, April 6, 2012

Personal Projects

Everyone seems to have been very busy lately. I want to thank each of you who send me pix. I really need the help!

Doug crocheted up this hat for the vets. It certainly looks like a challenging pattern. I was wondering how Doug was going to fare, since he was a newbie to the group. Everyone who is new arrives with varying skills and Doug just said he hadn't had much time to crochet and wanted to get back to it. Well, it would appear he has quite a few skills and is anxious to do more for the vets.

Those blue kneehighs are being made by Krystle. We are thrilled she graduated from Pitt, but sad because she will be heading back East, at least, until a job materializes. She does fantastic knitting and crocheting and I hope when she starts working, she'll still have time for yarn. We also hope she keeps in touch.

How about that fantastic shawl Karen is wearing. Karen has been working on this shawl for awhile. She fell in love with the yarn, and found the colors entrancing. It is Sari yarn, made from the scraps leftover from silk saris made in India. The pieces are collected and recycled in Tibet (I think). Each ball is unique and worthy of an interesting pattern. Once Karen was finished knitting, she had to search for the appropriate beads that are hanging from the shawl. She wouldn't even allow us a peak until the shawl was totally finished. It's a work of art.

Well, here's a doily from Crochet Traditions crocheted with Lizbeth thread. If you follow the blog, you've already guessed who made it. Paulette! Again she has produced another item reminiscent of a bygone era. Of course, I wanted to know if she was going to make everything in the magazine. I wonder if Interweave has any idea how happy they've made her?

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