Monday, March 7, 2011

Wendy Osher

Wendy Osher, an installation artist, is in the planning stages for an eco-art project concerning the safety of the water we drink. I'm not sure that calling her an installation artist is accurate since I think most artists don't fit into neat categories. The point of her project is to raise awareness of how plastics get into our water and is found in breast milk. I won't describe her entire project since her blog does a better job: But as a collaborative work, Wendy was looking for crocheters to make breast forms from plastic bag yarn (plarn). Some of you out there are probably aware of plarn as a way of reusing plastic bags.
The first two pictures show making the bags I collected from grocery shopping and was making into loops for yarn. They also show my first attempts at making a breast form. Daunting since we are going for 12-36".
Wendy visited with the group at the 3/5 meeting. She showed us some rather impressive "boobs" she'd been sent already. She really helped us see what she was looking for. We were on the right track but apparently they needed to be sturdier, so we switched to smaller hooks. She will pop into the 3/26th meeting to collect the breast shapes.

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