Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Interesting Afghans

Paulette seems to like to try lots of different crafts. She also seems to do an excellent job at whatever she turns her hand.
How many of you have seen the ads for a small, like the size of your palm, hand loom called a "Weave-It"? I watched Paulette finish up the last few squares for her afghan weaving with a needle. She says it is a small, portable craft while making the squares. She picked the colors for this afghan to take to the ocean. They all remind her of things from the seashore. The trim is crocheted from the same yarn, making a great finishing touch.

Theresa makes many baby afghans for young couples she knows. But she also likes to try new things. This is her first attempt to make a star shape. Turned out darling. She added a sweet simple edging that also takes her project up a notch.

Carol is holding up an afghan she borrowed from her dentist's office. Imagine! If you get cold at the dentist, they cover you up with a nice afghan.
But this afghan caught her eye because if you look carefully the colors are not the same on each side. How'd they do that? When making the first colored round only the front loop was used. Then the afghan was reversed and the other color was placed right behind the first color using the remaining loop. Turning back to the first side, the next row was crocheted by catching the loops of both sides. Clever!

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