Friday, March 4, 2011

How About Some Firsts?

While Pat was in the hospital, her daughter Randy was here from Seattle. She ended up trying to help someone with a crochet problem and said: "Hey, Diane." Well, the problem was with the instructions from a free flyer. This isn't the first time I've run across poorly written instructions. They weren't wrong, (which I've run across, too), just saying things in more than one way and then throwing in a chart to save space.
So I worked with Randy on changing the chart (filet) into an international symbols chart, so she could picture the actual stitches. She did great! It helped her discover where she made a mistake from the chart. The end result? A darling star square for a baby blanket made from filet squares and solid ones. Now Randy can do charts, filet crochet, and international symbols. WOW!

Kitty made this great jacket for her sister. It was her first attempt at a garment. On top of that she changed the pattern and I think used a different yarn. But getting some directions from Theresa after running into each other at JoAnne's, she apparently breezed through the project. I think the jacket is very Chanel looking.

April has developed a very regular tension with her stitches. She made the pot holder for practice and then we worked on how to edge her square with sc. Of course, moving along, she learned dc.

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