Friday, February 4, 2011

Special Olympic Scarves

Well, I took a chance waiting until the 31st to mail our scarves. Apparently on the same date the Special Olympics Scarf Project met their goal of 1,000. Everyone was mailing on the 29th, I guess. However, our scarves are being forwarded to a state still struggling to meet their goal but not yet closed. So our scarves are being used by special athletes which is what we all wanted. The Trib mentioned we were doing this project in their article last Monday on knitting and crocheting groups.

Of course, it's always fun to see what people came up when they had to use the two colors and could pretty much do what they wanted. The first 3 scarves use the motif that came with the directions. I suppose some of this was due to curiosity about another "Granny" square pattern. This is a good one to keep in your arsenal. Lacy and not a bit old fashioned.
The next two look different front and back. One suggested pattern was crocheting lengthwise in blo only which make an accordion effect, but the dominate color is different on each side. The other is Tunisian and while the color patterns are the same on each side the stitches look very different.
Next are two knitted scarves. One with each side a solid color and the other random stripes. The next 2 scarves start with the same idea: alternating color rows. But how different they look with a straight or shelled border.
Next, one is knit and one crocheted. Large needles holding both colors together makes a lacy scarf. The "granny" hexagons don't seem surprising at first until you realize that they make the unusual edge naturally that so many modern scarf patterns are showing.
The next trio are crocheted. Two are using the granny stitch idea but working down a long axis with a cute curve at the end to establish the corners. Rows aren't boring when you throw in a spike stitch effect.
Next, how about a wave pattern? or a potato chip scarf? Just plain fun.
Then a truly warm knitted scarf that came to us all the way from Missouri because they do not have a winter Special Olympics there. But now our scarves, along with this one, are on their way, too. Makes me think about throwing pebbles in the pond and making ripples. How far will the ripples go?
A few more stripes and granny looks, followed by a Tunisian scarf. The knitted scarf takes advantage of different stitches to have wide and narrow areas.
Some horizontal and vertical stripes. The more I saw the blo scarf the more I liked it.
Then garter stitch with two different pompoms. Followed by even more pompoms on a puffed shells scarf. Again, what fun!
Finally, bagged and waiting on my dining room table to be boxed. 27 scarves: a true feat.
Some did one scarf; some knocked themselves out making so many. Doing a project with the members of 3RC is always great.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have the directions for the Special olympic CROCHET scarves? I have donated the last 2 years and would like to try some of your pattern.