Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Personal Projects

Randy Joseph has been staying in Pittsburgh while her mom, Pat, is convalescing. She knitted up this cowl which easily also covers her head. There's a knit pattern that is difficult to see because the yarn is so dark.

Karen knitted up this cute hat. It has so many wonderful details that's it's hard to choose what I might like best about it. I pick the increasing details on the crown. On top of that, gray and pink is one of my all time favorite color combos, even as a child.

Carol has just finished another grandson's request. He wanted a Steeler afghan for his bed. I like that Carol's afghans are always what the boys want now but I can tell they will still still like the designs into adulthood. She wanted an official patch for the afghan and had a hard time finding one. She ended up cutting this patch from a pair of gloves.

Why are these projects all together in one entry? Each one was a personal design. Seems to me they could all get their designs published, but maybe they would like to keep it all to themselves. I believe creative people find each other. In this case, at 3RC.

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