Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Preemie Hats

I hope no one thought that the last entry about Caps for Good would be all the hats this group could put together. How about a few more?

Rebecca came up with a dozen and a half caps. She is the expert when it comes to using up those stretches of yarn that are too short to really do a project but also too long to feel good about tossing out.

Phyllis made 3 knitted caps from the patterns that are put out by Caps for Good.

I'm actually not sure who made the last 2 sets of caps. They ended up in front of me to get their pictures taken. I think they came from "the group in the corner". Then they hopped into a bag with Karen so they could be sent on their way.

We really don't make any one sit in the corner. 3RC has so many "regulars" now that we kind of
end up grouping ourselves to chat and share. Next week a whole new group of people will be in the corner.

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