Monday, February 7, 2011

Emphasis Moves On

The group has collected all the leftover Special Olympics yarn. I've added some white yarn to add something new to the colors. We had 2 scarves that did not make it to the scarf box, so we are using them as strips for an afghan to be eventually donated to the VA. We are using the same technique as the Feel Good Project in which we put strips together to make the afghan. This time the length will be about 56". Again the number of people involved will be up to the individuals.

We've talked about Caps for Good before, and this where some emphasis will occur since this drive for preemie hats and $10 for medical kits will end with the month of February. This is essentially the same charity as Caps for the Capitol and Caps for Change and is through Save the Children. Each cap gets a short note attached as a message for the mom; this is an important aspect of the program, as the personal touch is very comforting to the moms.

A few people have already made some hats. MaryAnn sent a few hats, the 4 colorful crocheted hats. Denise has sent us 5 knitted hats. Carol crocheted the 5 sweet pastel hats. The great thing about this project is that if you have some yarn leftover but it really isn't enough to make something...... oh wait, it's probably enough to make a preemie hat. (or 2??)

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