Monday, February 21, 2011

New Faces

Lately, we've had a lot of "newbies". That really means people who have come to join in a meeting for the very first time. They could be rather advanced knitters or crocheters. Or they could be people who have known about us for awhile and finally found the time to actually drop by. They may stop by to ask a question about a problem. Or as happened on one day : "I want to learn to knit" and "I want to learn to crochet". Someone was recently shown how to knit cables. Maybe someone just shows up with a coworker or friend. We were glad to see each and every one and hoped they had a great time while with us. What we like even more is when we get to see them again. You won't be able to pick them out in the pictures, they just blend in. I know I didn't get everyone; don't be disappointed if you don't see yourself.


pldrake said...

Great photos!!

pldrake said...

If you're coming on February 26th, and have some worn-out sneakers, bring them along to TRC. I will take them to a collection bin Nike is sponsoring for recycling and reusing old sneakers. Any that are still wearable will go to the Salvation Army -- if you have any you just don't need anymore, bring them too. I'll take them to the Collection Bin in Cranberry on Monday 2/28. My father's favorite walking shoes are going there.