Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Was at the Jan. 9 Meeting?

Theresa found beautiful handmade buttons for the purple cardigan which we've shown before. But it's those finishing touches that really make a garment special. It took awhile to find those perfect buttons : the right size, the right color, and unique.

I think we showed Pat's sweater that she took a year to complete. She found that the yarn had wool in it and couldn't wear it. She thought she might take the sweater apart and give the yarn away, but we all said find someone to give it to.
On Saturday, Pat asked Chris to try on the sweater and when it fit her so well, Pat gave it to her. I'm so glad someone will get to enjoy the sweater.

Carol brought in 2 more baby blankets for Linus Project and also brought another (yellow) from her friend Patti.

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