Thursday, January 14, 2010

What else on the 9th?

Just a quick pic to remind everyone: it's never too soon to learn to crochet!

Well Saturday the 9th was the last day to turn in hats to go with the team to Guatemala. I managed to finish off 5 "smiley" hats. Peggy made a special stop on the way home with her father from the hospital: how charitable is that? Hope your dad is doing well, Peggy. Approximately, 120 -130 hats were made to be handed out.

We all oohed and aahed over Marylen's contribution to the Yarn Ball. She wanted the afghan to go to the vet's and we took one last look as it was packed away for delivery to its new home. Those Steeler colors are always a hit.

The big felted bootie was made by Karen. There's a plan for this bootie but it got past me. Karen is always planning, and I can't always keep up with her.

Finally we have Amelia sporting her winter outfit I made for her for her shower. I must say she looks great in it!

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