Friday, January 8, 2010

What the Group Had to Show on Jan 2

With the holidays over, people brought in just finishing up projects.

Becky found this hat design and polished it off and put it on.
Is this too cute or what? Becky looks good in hats and this one is no exception. Talk about an interesting design from any angle.

Can you guess? I have no idea who made the cute little hats. Look cuddly warm.

I know Rebecca made the two scarfs from donated yarns that were matched up together in a bag by Lynn. Rebecca likes how Lynn puts yarns together and we all like how Rebecca crochets them up.

Carol crocheted up another baby 'ghan by matching up yarns. She also had a lot of yarns from Freecycle that she recently collected. People were picking up yarns as they considered what projects they went with.

Last but not least, the first knit "cable" sweater is in. Theresa has been working on this stunner for quite awhile: a project originating from last year's challenge to make a cabled sweater (Karen and I won!). However, if we go by the number and kinds of cables, this sweater wins hands down. Think Theresa is happy with this accomplishment? She certainly out to be.
(I know for certain there is another cable sweater on needles out there. Soon to be unveiled???)

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