Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm always taking pictures at the meetings. Frequently, they just naturally group themselves into focused articles. But sometimes, they do not. The following pictures are items that have been spotted over a series of meetings.

Peggy brought in an array of items she had made; some of which are destined for charity projects. She's showing off the tam she made. She says it really was quite easy to make.

We come prepared for it to be cold at Panera's especially if we are in the back area. Paulette was wearing a very attractive shawl that showed off a great lace edging. Phyllis was wearing wrist warmers that peeked out prettily from her sweater. What beautiful ways to keep warm.

Carol likes to make blankets for Linus Project. Just look at the sweet embellishment she put on this blanket to make it special. It's frequently the small details that move a project into a whole other category.

Karen made this hat as a sample. Since she created it in a large size, she needed Rebecca as a model because of all her hair.

Lots of examples to show that being in a group doesn't stop anyone from doing their own thing.

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