Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snowflake Sweaters

A winter issue of Crochet Today from last year had snowflake sweaters for kids sizes 2, 4, 6, 8. I decided I would make them for my grand nieces and nephews, all matching for Christmas. However, we are now talking sizes 9. 12 & 18 mos; as well as size 4 and size 10.

Again you get an idea and you are getting into designing. I paid careful attention to the measurements given out by the craft yarn council and started figuring out my stitch counts. Since I would have to leave a large head opening in the baby sweaters, I went with the drop shoulder design instead of the inset sleeve of the larger sizes. I also used Caron's Simply Soft in gray heather instead of Red Heart's Baby Soft. After lots of stitch planning, I got started. I did the snowflake embroidery with Lion Brand Microspun because I thought it looked more like embroidery floss than the Simply Soft.

The three baby sweaters had a split neck and snowflake buttons at the shoulders for ease of getting into. I added a little snowflake on the left sleeve.

The two size 4's followed the pattern but again I added a snowflake on the left sleeve and also one on the back right shoulder.

Finally on the size 10, I moved the snowflake on the sleeve up higher more like where a badge would be. I wanted to avoid being too cute with the snowflakes since it was for a boy.
Oh yes, rubber duckies were packed with the sweaters. Kids don't want clothes for Christmas!
(but not the 10 year old).

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Anonymous said...

Love the snowflake sweater. Perfect for today while waiting for the predicted snowfall.